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Photo Records:

Photographic 1 : Nikon AFS 300mm f.1:2.8G VR ED N /TC-17 EII and Boeing F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet. 06/20/2009


Having dropped my former Nikon AFS 300 mm f2.8 for the latest Nikon AFS 300 mm f.1:2.8G VR ED N series variant, here are clues that the VR ED N lens shoots sharper frames than previous model. During the Paris Air Show 2009, I shot Boeing F/A-18 F Super Hornet on display, adding a TC-17 E II extender to the AFS VR lens and with VR on normal to test the features, and I was amazed with the results. So it goes without saying that acquiring a heavy 500 mm is not worth the huge costs of it if you use a APS frame camera, which was the case here, as camera body is my Nikon D300. Beware that a 500 mm lens would bear little more sharpness. ISO rating is ISO 400 with obviously..., no noise reduction setting on. Next ' Photographic 3 ' test report will show how this 300 mm plus TC-17 E II combo lens equipment does shoot sharp by low light with my Nikon D3 camera body. I can already say you may be astonished by these latest 24x36 standard digital format cameras capabilities.

These photographs depict the Boeing Company test and display pilot Ricardo Traven pulling up a F/A-18 F Super Hornet with reheat at Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2009.




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