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Quebec International Airshow Daily Report 4. 06/15/2008


Quebec International Airshow 2008 - Daily report - June 15th, 2008.

This morning's flyings have been plagued by showers and low clouds. As no airplane can perform under a 500 feet altitude into big clouds, the RCAF Skyhawks parachutists did not jump this morning, and the Blue Angels had to cancell their flying display.
The sky above Jean Lesage airport started to clear up at the middle of the day, so the flying started with the Red Arrows who raised common enthusiasm. Then we saw The X Team ' disaster ' guys combining Les Shockley driving his jet-propelled truck, Gene Soucy, and Skip Stewart flying his modified Pitts S-2S low above the field and crossing Les' truck that reaheat the atmosphere with flames...
Skip is coming from Cordova - Tennessee. He owns an aerobatics school, but I would fear flying with him, though there is no doubt that he is professional instructor. Yvan-Miville Des Chênes - Air operations Manager - and excellent show commentator says in his own french : ' Skip est l'étoile montante des spectacles aériens en amérique du Nord '.


At 3-00 PM the sun was back. A Bagotville stationned CF-18 Hornet flown by Captain William ' Billy ' Mitchell performed a flat display with a few spectacular tight turns and high speed passes. It concluded with a memorable near the sound barrier flypast - as correctly shot by my D300 - and vapouring the last clouds.
The USAF Thunderbirds flew their extended program and I give them the award of the most spectacular Team flying today. If only they were allowed to fly that superb show on the European airscene, with fast crossings of the public line. One of the solos F-16 had to fly away from the rest of the team, as a result of a tecnical malfunction, and came back 15 minutes after having disappeared for flight systems checks, and landed under the public's congratulations.





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