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Quebec International Airshow Daily Report 3. 06/14/2008


Quebec International Airshow 2008 - Daily report - June 14th, 2008.

Today all four teams have performed, even the Thunderbirds who benefited from a big shower in the afternoon. As noticed last year during the airshow in Evreux, their abaility to use GE engines afterburners to reheat the atmosphere and public mood when it is tarting to rain heavily is second to none amongst all national Teams. But at 11-00 AM, the US Navy and Marine Corps Blue Angels had the opportunity to perform a fabulous display with sunshine and clouds, and we elect them as the best ones today. The roaring Hornets chaps may be the best National Team performing on jet fighters anywhere, with creativity such as a six ship split along the crowdline that no else does in the world. Notice that Canadian safety regulations do not prevent the US jet Teams from performing their full show with a few flypasts with afterburners above the crowdline. I do not think that these missing items in their rare european appearances may represent any threat to the public in North America, as they never perform aerobatics when they do cross above the crowd.
The canadian Snowbirds dedicated three of their own maneuvres to each individual foreign team. Let's say a fourth one to the -  missing - french guywould have been lovely, had the french been sent to this show as originally scheduled...




Masters of disasters X Team are Barnstormers mixing a jet-propelled truck, and two barnstorming aeroplanes. This typicall US airshow sight, fire, and sound display would not be allowed anywhere else in Europe, as the american tradition is to fly these biplanes along the flightline at no more than five meters high... No wonder why so many of these crazy performers were killed during the two previous seasons in North America. Are they drinking energy drinks ? Dan Buchanan is not. He flew his glider without any of those crazy and funny effects and thanks to him for making such a dream in the sky, as he is not able to walk. The air display closed with a rainy weather forecast for Sunday...


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