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RCAF Snowbirds and CF-18 demo on final training at Comox. 04/25/2012


The Snowbirds Aerobatic Team (431 Squadron) and CF-18 Hornet Demonstration Team are now at 19 Wing Comox Air Base for a full week of training activities. Every year by the end of April they join at Comox to take profit of all types of display environments they can meet there, so as to check their high skills at aerobatics flying over both the see and the mountains surrounding the local area.

The teams are supposed to train until the middle of next week before they leave British Columbia for a few weeks tour in South America.

Local CTV Vancouver Island news are broadcasting a first report :

This year's CF-18 demo aircraft's paint scheme is under the " True North Strong and Free " banner. It pays tribute to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) long time capabilities to operate in the North " on a regular basis conducting aerial sovereignty, reconnaissance and surveillance patrols, carrying out search and rescue operations, defending the airspace of Canada and the United States through their commitments to NORAD, and enabling operations such as Op Nanook, Op Nunalivut and Op Nunakput ", say the team. Among the 15 airshows in Canada where the Hornet is to display in 2012, two will be in Canada's North (Yellowknife and Inuvik).

The blue scheme contains 13 snowflakes. Each flake features an individual Northern Province or Territory, and the total 13 flakes also represent the 13 RCAF Wings that are operational accross the country. One tail of the Hornet is paying tribute to the inuits, while the other one displays a bear to symbolise patrols and defense over the Arctic. The scheme was once more designed by Jim Belliveau from 410 Squadron from Cold Lake in Alberta. Jim was already the graphic designer of previous year's Hornets schemes.

You can follow the CF-18 Team activities, its scheme painting process, training and display season under their complete and comprehensive :



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