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AirPower 2009 - Zeltweg - June 26th and 27th 2009. 12/03/2008


AirPower 2009 will go ahead.

On November 2nd 2009, the Austrian Air Force and Land of Styria were given green light from the Minister of Defence to organize AirPower 2009, Friday 26th and Saturday 27th of June 2009, at Zeltweg Air Base ( Land of Styria - South East of Austria). These hot news come from Governor of Styria Franz Vovez, who declared to local Austrian News that he was confirmed the decision to go ahead with the show by Minister of Defence Norbert Darabos. The information is also confirmed by an Austrian Air Force Representative who is planning the airshow.

After having had a four year long gap without a military airshow at Zeltweg Air Base (Austria), and huge disappointments over the cancellation of an AirPower 2007 plans two years ago, the big one is surely back next June 2009. Last AirPower 2005 attracted no less than 230 aeroplanes from 20 different countries, and a record number of 250.000 visitors attended the event. As declared today by Kurt Halles - Zeltweg City Mayor - the 2005 event provided " between 10 and 15 million Euros to the Region " and this alone is a good reason enough for representatives of Styria and local tourism authority to welcome the show back.

AirPower is a partnership between the Land of Styria, Red Bull company (that also owns its historical fleet in Salzburg Airport and runs the world famous Air Race), and the Air Force providing expertise and much of the airshow plans and logistics on its Zeltweg airfield. This trio received recognition for airmanship by the European Airshow Council Convention 2006 ; the Council awarded the AirPower representatives - during the February 2006 Convention - with the " Paul Bowen Trophy " for having performed the best International Air Event in Europe during the 2005 airshow season.

Zeltweg air base has changed much since June 2005... Last Saab Drakens retired shortly after AirPower 2005, and interim F-5 E Tiger IIs leased to the Swiss Air Force departed the air force last June 2008, as Eurofighter Typhoon is now ops with the Air Force. As July 2008, eight aircraft were ops on the base. Austrian people will have the great opportunity to see the local Typhoon two fighter squadrons guys close to their latest technology combat aircraft. They will also discover the new base facilities built on purpose to house the twin-engined jets latest generation maintenance and logistics means. It is been reported that new infrastructures did cost a bill of nearly 100 million Euros. 15 Typhoon fighter aircraft were ordered by Austria to EADS consortium in a nearly 1,6 billion Euros order. They were assembled at EADS Manchnig. Interestingly they performed ops air patrols during the latest Euro 2008 competition.

Sky-Lens'Aviation' ranks AirPower 2005 as one the top 10 european Airshows in the last ten years. Apart from the big display itself we were charmed by the picturesque mountains scene surrounding the airfield. The ice of the cake was a memorable storm on Saturday that did not prevent the six Drakens formation - nor Patrouille Suisse - to display before lightnings definitely hit the base ground. Sky-Lens'Aviation' will attend AirPower 2009 with lively reports, from Wednesday June 24th to show end. Come back soon.


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